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artvision_charte_graphiqueGraphical charter

The set of graphic codes used for visual communication on paper or web constitutes the graphic charter. It showcases a company's products and services and distinguishes it from its competitors at first glance. It is very important that the graphic chart is executed in a perfect uniformity on all the supports of the company: logo, commercial brochure, flyer, business card etc.


(English word: drawing, plan, sketch). Discipline aimed at the creation of objects, environments, graphic works, both functional, aesthetic and consistent with the requirements of industrial production. Petit Larousse, since 1989


The flyer is the effective means of communication to promote a particular event (show, opening, private cocktail ...). It is often associated with press, radio and web advertising.

artvision_identite_visuelleVisual Identity

All the visual elements (graphic charter, logo, commercial brochure, website) allowing a customer to clearly identify a company or a brand represents the visual identity. In the interest of a coherent and alive communication, all the visual elements must absolutely adopt the same creative spirit. Hence the choice of colors, typography, visuals, forms ... all criteria that allow to present to customers a positive image of a company. The visual identity must be able to adapt to all communication media: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, catalogs, brochures, vehicles, signs, clothing, website.


The key element of the visual identity, the logo must be recognizable at a glance by the consumer. The design of logo is a major step in communication. The logo expresses the idea of the company. It must be both timeless and avant-garde, simple and attractive. It must easily adapt to all media and maintain its proportions to ensure optimal visual impact.

artvision_pret_a_imprimerThe « Ready-to-Print »

Turn-key service: "Ready-to-Print" is a custom section that is designed and produced to be directly integrated into a magazine. They are carried out by theme (decoration, jewelery, cosmetics, shopping etc.) in full respect of the graphic charter of the title. They are designed to meet the immediate need of a magazine's management in order to save time associated with the imperatives of publishing the title. Thus everything is ready: texts and images in the form of the model in the format of the magazine.


The "makeover" of your media (magazine, catalog, website ...) is another step to build customer loyalty and give the brand image of a dynamic society that evolves in the zenith. Whether it is a simple graphic change or a more substantial modification of visuals and content, the makeover must imperatively meet your current expectations and offer the most efficient and artistic design possible.

artvision_maquette_catalogueMagazine or catalog mockup

The graphic design of a magazine is a delicate work that requires a solid experience and a very pronounced artistic taste. The magazine press is very demanding, it evolves in a world where quality, responsiveness and speed are inseparable. Art Vision meets the quality criteria of the magazine's high-end magazine and the imperatives of publication deadlines. Our team is at your service to assist you in the choice of the model, its content and its sections including "ready-to-print".

artvision_newsletterNewsletter - Emailing

The information and loyalty tool, the newsletter plays an important role in the marketing of a company. A good e-mailing campaign can generate traffic to the website and boost customers.


The commercial brochure (or advertising brochure) expresses the image of a company and presents the consumer with its offers. It must meet the business needs of a business and serve as a communication tool to sell its products. Do not confuse the commercial brochure with the institutional brochure that aims to present an organization to the general public. In any case, the brochure must combine imagination, creativity, artistic taste and know-how.


The web allows you to evolve your business communication. Art Vision offers experts in strategy, web design, dynamic application programming and SEO. Our team offers turnkey solutions for web and e-commerce.


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